Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Alive

I can tell when lupus is up to something. It’s not very good at hiding. For the past two weeks now I have been battling a cold. I’m pretty sure it’s on the last legs now but the demon inside me has been awakened. Lupus has decided to be active yet again. Wouldn’t call it a flare (yet) but just a spike in activity. Flares generally involve my organs as well as everything else. Luckily my innards so far have been unscathed (or haven’t had any further damage) in this particular spike in activity. Not always the case in the past active periods.

Others with lupus can tell when they are going to get a flare (or going through an active period) by a feeling in their stomach or some other very distinct symptom. How can I tell? Several things happen. First and foremost: the fatigue worsens. Second and very importantly: fluid retention/swelling. Gets so bad I can’t even put my shoes on. Coming in as totally annoying for third place: mouth sores. Now I’m not talking about cold sores, these are mouth sores. Not little ones either… It’s hard to describe what I feel but it is different from the “normal un-normal.”

Generally when an active period comes about for me there’s a “wait and see” period. Sometimes lupus will settle down, other times the opposite happens. The truth is, there isn’t much they (the doctors) can do for me. So there is little use in me going to the doctors when my lupus is active. If I do go, I am told to “just live with it.” Which is a very depressing thing to hear. I am on the “standard” regiment for treating lupus as far as medications go. There aren’t really any other options. Not much else to do besides sit and wait it out. So I shall sit patiently and wait and see.

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  1. ah yes....this is when you learn that thing they call patience...