Monday, October 25, 2010


I used to love swimming at the pool in the summer all afternoon long. Diving, doing laps, seeing how long I could hold my breath and tanning in the sun. Warm rays would beam down on me and I would get sun burned. This would only happen until I would get tan, which usually was a couple weeks into the season. I used to take the sun for granted. Now I do not.

Being in the sun now is not good for me. Even after being in the sun for only a few minutes, my lupus symptoms get worse. Some of the sun’s effects hit me almost instantly: the fatigue being the main villain. A couple hours after exposure, the sores come. Mouth sores and sometimes nose sores. I hate them! Even worse is the sun sensitivity rashes. Those can go some place far far away.

Thankfully I live in one of the cloudiest places on the earth (or in my opinion it is anyways…) and I really only have to worry about the sun during the summer. Mainly I just stay inside during the sunny parts of the day. If I do go outside, I generally wear a fairly covering outfit. Most importantly I douse myself in a generous amount of sunscreen. Over the summer the one time when I did not fall this protocol, I spent the following few days on my back. Another lesson learned!

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