Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tagging Along

Wearing a medical I.D. tag for lupus is a very good idea. I never know when I might become unconscious or unable to respond. My tag will speak for me.

Originally when I was told I had to wear one, I COMPLAINED about it. The last thing I wanted on my wrist was a clunky piece of metal and a steel chain. Plus everyone looking at it and labeling me as “sick.” Now, I’m not really a very “fashion forward” person but I do draw lines. Wearing something that looks like one of those choker chain dog collars was not going to happen! It’s just a pain and ugly to look at. Not to mention the chain rubs and can be quite irritating.

Lauren’s Hope has been my saving grace( couldn’t seem to make a bracelet that would stay together for more than a couple weeks. My Lauren’s Hope creation has lasted me over 6 months! Which is saying something because I am rough with my I.D. bracelet. Not on purpose but I guess I just wear and tear things pretty easily.

What to put on the tag is entirely up to you. On mine (and I need to update my tag, again… sigh…) is: my real name, severe allergies and an in case of emergency phone number/ICE. Kind of spaced about putting the whole lupus thing on my tag even though I got it for that purpose. It was a blonde moment! Also, if you have an I.D. and you have more things to put on it than space on the tag, make a wallet card. What to put on a wallet card is also up to you but I have on mine: medications, doctor’s office numbers, and full contact information. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

I have found that in the time I have worn an I.D. it hasn’t really been a very big deal. Many people just think it is a normal bracelet. That’s fine with me! Plus, I am ready for whatever lupus throws at me (well… as far as identification goes anyways.) So, if you don’t have one but should, get one! It never hurts to be prepared.

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