Friday, November 19, 2010

How I Am Doing :)

This past couple of weeks has been a roller coaster ride for me. I have been the hostess of a nasty bug. For most of the week I puked my guts out and just felt awful. Today was the first “normal sick” day I have had in quite a while. Feeling my normal level of crumminess is a welcome relief. Sounds odd but it’s so true. Having lupus on top of some weird bug is just miserable. But I want to write about how good I felt today. Since there was quite a notable difference between today and the rest of the week.

First thing I noticed was how good my joints were feeling. Just the normal level of achyness. Not feeling like a tractor-trailer ran me over. I was able to bend and play piano with very minimal levels of pain. Splendid doesn’t even cover it.

Freedom isn’t really the right word to use here… but the chains of illness felt lighter today. I didn’t feel nearly as bogged down and foggy. Which was AWESOME!

All week the mouth sores have been horrid. Actually, I started crying while attempting to eat chunky peanut butter. Sores all over the roof of my mouth, Ow! Today I only had one to deal with. At least I could chew where there wasn’t a sore today. Much appreciated.

Not puking out guts is definitely a big bonus. I’ve had enough of that for a year now. Holding food down is always a welcomed and a wonderful thing. Toast does get tiring after awhile… I’ve had plenty of toast this week for sure! But I can’t complain too much about toast ‘cause I had Udi’s bread. Yum!

One of the funny things about having lupus is because I already feel sick, having another sickness on top of it just adds to the sickness feeling. Like I already feel icky but now I feel pickley ickly… hard to explain. Doesn’t make things any easier. I’m just so used to dealing with feeling yucky, acting “normal” becomes more challenging but still doable. I just can’t act “normal” for as long.

Thankfully I was able to have the week off from some of my accompanying duties at school (Thank you T :D). I needed the sleep! Slept in every single day (except for today…) I generally get up at 6 a.m. sharp. Start out the day bright, early and a bit cranky. Hee hee hee… Generally 400 mg of Plaquenil among other things tends to cheer me up. Sure did today anyways!

Not going to lie. Today was a pretty dang good day for me. I hope these days continue to come and treat me well. Hopefully this is the last of the crappy bug thing. Having a small spring in my step is excellent! Hope you all have a good weekend! I sure am going to try to. :D


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  2. Thanks so much! I will make sure and print some out for my future use :)