Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A “Sick” Person’s Arsenal

With the help of these “weapons” I keep my “mass destruction” at bay for the most part (lupus or any other type of destruction):

Gloves- A good way to prevent a Raynaud’s attack is to wear gloves. So I adorn my hands with colorful gloves during the more chilling months of the year.

Imodium- Medications don’t always agree. Pretty much always have a couple doses on me. Never know when problems might arise.

A Technicolor Prayer Shawl- Currently curled up in mine as I type. Not only is it comforting, it is also light and warm.

A Smile- Most everything is better with a smile. Even the darkest days. As long as I remembered to brush my teeth that is…

Sunscreen- Nothing is worse than breaking out in rashes after only a few minutes in the sun. Worse than a bad tan job in my opinion. Having protection is key to keeping the rashes at bay.

Concealer- to cover up said rashes above when I forget about protection.

Sweats and Other Baggy Clothing- Sometimes wearing clingy clothing is more than my body can handle. Or my hands are too stiff to mess with the zipper on a pair of jeans anyways. Sweats are perfect for those days.

Toast- Easy on the stomach and good with all the pills. I eat lots of toast.

Fire Extinguisher- It’s amazing what brain fog + unlucky appliance equals. In my case it is generally a fire. Whenever I am foggy and cook, my sister stands guard with the fire extinguisher.

Electric Blanket- Gentle heat is very soothing on achy joints. Plus I don’t have the weight of many quilts on me, which can feel not so great.

Memory Foam Mattress Pad- Helps to quiet the 1 billion achy pressure points on my body when I lay down. Well worth the price at Costco.

Tissues- Meltdowns happen. Some people prefer hankies but Kleenex works just fine for my purposes.

Positive Attitude- No matter how sucky life may be. There’s always a silver lining. No matter how thin it might be. And yes, linings can be pretty thing sometimes. But they are there!

My weapons don’t require bullets. Instead these weapons fight a battle from within. I am waiting for the day of armistice. Until the day it comes, I will have to continue to deploy my arsenal.

I have a question for readers, is there any particular lupus subject matter you would like me to write about in one of my upcoming blog posts? Wishing you all lots of spoons!

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