Saturday, November 6, 2010

Simple Little Things

After my rather shocking and dark post yesterday, I would clarify that “those thoughts” only truly travel through my head on rare occasions (like last night…). Please do not think I am leaving this earth anytime soon. There is too much for me to live for than to not. With that being said, I move on to today’s topic: simple little things.

Life as a whole is built upon large details in my opinion. Most of the details are blatantly obvious. Like the need for food, shelter, water, education, so on and so forth. What makes life unique is how the individual appreciates the simple little things. How they take time to slow down and truly enjoy what is going on around them. Many of the best parts of life are missed by simply not slowing down or by wishing life away.

When I was younger, mom would have me go outside and weed the rose gardens. Now, I thought of it the same way any other 13-year-old kid would think about work- “Do I have to Mom? I want to play with Freddie next door.” So I would go and weed the rose gardens but would do it with quite the look of distaste. Hurriedly I would yank the weeds up and throw them on the lawn. Now, weeding is something I look forward to. I quite literally stop to smell the roses and appreciate the great gifts of beauty that exist in my front yard. Weeding is both sweet and savory to me: I smell the sweetness of the blossoms and savor every one of them. Not too many teens do that normally. They race through weeding and life at a break neck speed.

With enjoying the simple little things comes prioritizing. Since I actually stop to enjoy the finer points in life, it takes me a little longer to get through tasks. I have had to find what truly matters to me and what I just did for no reason. Everything I do in my day is for a reason. Things that I cannot find an importance or reason for doing, I do not do. Of course within reason… Taking out the trash is not optional.

Life is too short to wish it away. I don’t wish mine away. Everyday I try to find enjoyment from the simple little things because the bigger picture isn’t always very pleasant. It’s also too short to rush through. So sit back, relax and enjoy the simple little things in life.

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  1. Ahhh... much better. You're right of course. It's not worth regreting the things you cannot have. If you can appreciate what you do have, you will be much happier. Roses don't grow on white sand beaches. You have something special, even if it takes extra care and maintenance. White sand beaches are beautiful in a way, but they are empty and bleak. Your life can be fuller, more meaningful, in a rose garden. You might be trapped there, and there are thorns, but then there are roses. I'm glad that you've opened the gate to let people see inside. Your roses have only just started to bloom. I believe better things will come.