Monday, December 13, 2010


Do you ever get jealous of other people's illnesses? The ones which can be easily controlled, have lots of awareness, proper understanding or can be cured even? I know I get jealous all the time of such illnesses. Sometimes I wish I had one of these illnesses because life might be easier for me (maybe I would actually have a "normal" life...). Dealing with any illness is a challenge though, and I am NOT here to compare illnesses or bash on any illnesses. Each and every illness is unique and complicated. Every illness deserves respect.

I am so tired of saying "I have lupus" and everyone just looking at me like "this girl is on crack, what the helk, lupus????" Yesterday I was talking to my mom in the car about how if I were to do a survey about lupus not many people would know what it is. But if I were to do one say about breast cancer, almost everyone would know. Mostly because breast cancer has more awareness not because it's more common. Both lupus and breast cancer take lives of women and men. For those who didn't know, heart disease is actually the number one killer of women... not breast cancer. Breast cancer is still serious business though.

Certain T.V. shows can and do send out wrong messages about lupus. Recently I read about how a T.V. show had an actor portraying to have lupus... wonderful right? Not quite, most of the information about lupus given during the show was wrong. Stuff like lupus changes your blood type and other crazy ramblings. And of course, "Yes House, it is lupus." If people are going to act like they have lupus on T.V., they might as well do it right.

Doesn't it seem like there's a break through every week for almost all illnesses except for lupus? I read about break throughs for cancer, diabetes, and autism all the time. Sometimes I really do wish I could have an illness where something new and cutting edge comes out all the time. Or tons of research is being done every single day. Dream on me... dream on... True there is research out there for lupus but not too much. So I am thankful for what little there is.

Sometimes when I see awareness add after awareness add for diabetes or cancer I just want to cry. Information is being spewed out every single day for them. Never before in my life have I seen an awareness add for lupus. Not even one thirty second blip of an add on T.V. If I did happen to see one, I think I would pass out from shock.

If I were to choose a replacement illness for my lupus, I would pick the common cold. There's even awareness posters for it in port-o-potties! Plus, it's a couple week venture and not my whole life. So for a few weeks I could rest and then be 100%again. If only in my dreams...

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