Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just A Day

Sometimes I dream a little bit about what I would do if I were normal for just one day. What I would eat, where I would go and what I would do. Compared to my current day’s worth of tasks, a normal day would be bustling with activity. Here is how a normal day goes for me right now:

Wake up at 6-7 and take medications, return to bed.
Get out of bed at 9ish
Prepare for classes at noon
Go to three classes at the High School (it’s a half day essentially)
Come home and see Lola
Run or ride
Take evening medications

Not a ton achieved in those few hours I am active. Yes, I am exhausted by the end of the day. Actually the schedule listed above is a very full day for me. Scary I know!

What I would do if I were normal on a weekday:

Wake up at six
Go to school at 7:15
Stay for all 7 classes (last class ends at 3:00)
Come home and see Lola
Go riding (or running depending on the day)
Come home, shower and eat a fabulous dinner of spaghetti
Then go to a movie
Do homework
Sleep peacefully for eight hours

Current weekend schedule:

Wake up at 6-7 take meds, go back to bed
Get up at nine
Ride Cajun
Have lunch
Collect eggs
Go to bed

A dream of a weekend day:

Sleep in until 9 a.m.
Have scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast
Ride Cajun
Collect eggs
Have PB and J for lunch
Go bike riding with my family at the beach (with the sun out)
Come home and shower
Enjoy a family game night
Sleep peacefully for eight whole hours

Oh how I would kill for a day of limitless spoons. To have freedom and to be able to run with it. Instead of barely being able to do half of the normal level of work I used to be able to do. Staying trapped in my room because I don’t even have the energy to crawl down the hallway. I just want to feel and act like my age for a day. I can dream…

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