Thursday, December 9, 2010


‘Tis the season to be STRESSED. My mom has turned into Momzilla or the “Momster” as I fondly refer to her. Snapping at everything I say and completely freaking out at even the slightest thing gone wrong. Stress does funny things to the mind. I am trying my best not to let stress creep into my life. If I do… I’m in for some SERIOUS trouble. I’ll begin with the basics.

Stress + Lupus = FLARE. Do I look like I need a major flare right now????? No! I do not. I’m already down a lupus path I do not enjoy (not remission…). I don’t need to add the word “major” to it.

I turn into a total crazy person. Yeah… I’m already crazy I’ll admit it but not CRAZY. Randomly going bonkers in school and throwing fits to compete with the best of them. Nope, no one should have to witness such a thing.

Mr. Raynaud does not do stress. Spontaneously turning blue/white/red is not my cup of tea. If I get too stressed I tend to have attack after attack. Which really really sucks.

My fatigue level goes THROUGH THE FREAKING ROOF. I feel VERY FATIGUED (I wake up every morning right now and say “oh god what hit me??? Can’t the bus go on the road and swerve to avoid me???) now. But when stressed… I just get to the point of being so tired I can’t function even when I just get out of bed. BTW- tired is not a word in my vocabulary. Tired means when one rests, the feeling of tiredness goes away. Fatigue is when no matter how much one sleeps or rests they still feel exhausted. Being tired vs. being fatigued are two totally different ball games.

Fog so thick it’s like I’m thinking through a blackout shade. Need I say more?

Holidays are rough on lupies. I know first hand. Next week is going to be a week where I will either sink or swim. If I let stress come and nip at my heels, I will have problems. But if I step back and go “it will all be good (deep breathe)” I’ll do okay.

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  1. Deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. This too shall pass.....