Sunday, February 13, 2011

Looking Forward And Up

(That is unless it is raining too hard…)

Lately life has had some pretty big clouds up above for me. Searching the clouds for rainbows and silver linings has been a challenge. I am looking forward to the future, life and all of its eccentricities. The clouds up above look very dark and well… gloomy. But with my glasses on I see many possibilities, bright spots, hidden silver linings and possibly even a double rainbow.

First and foremost I had what I wouldn’t exactly call successful appointment with the rhuemetologist but it was better than nothing. If nothing else I was told I probably have Sjogren’s along with Lupus (and all the other fun stuff) and I was given MUCH stronger pain medication. I can happily say the pain meds are working. As for the Sjogren’s… I’m not quite sure what to think actually. Just another one to put on my long list of quirks here.

Yes I am still being hammered with my other symptoms. But look for the silver lining here: I AM IN FAR LESS PAIN!

With spring just around the corner (thank you ground hog!!!!), I have ordered 51 chicks. Now, to the average person this does not sound so exciting. To me however, it is a MAJOR thing to look forward to. Every morning I wake up excited and knowing in a few more days I will have tons of fluffy things.

Bright spot- Waiting for the chicks gives me a bit of motivation to live life each day. Knowing something depends on me is great MOTIVATION.

Today was the first day in a long time where I have had more than five spoons to make it through a day. All last week I felt so far beyond dreadful and had so few spoons. Only saw my horse once and really struggled with even getting out of bed. But I was given seven spoons today to spend as my liking.

Seven spoons for me is equivalent to a DOUBLE RAINBOW (they’re quite rare)! Did I mention it was actually sunny outside too?

Possibilities are not endless at this point in my life. However, a fair amount of the possibilities are good ones. For example having the weather turn better and being able to go play in the garden. Finally breathing fresh air after being cooped up all winter, priceless!

Happy Valentines Day!

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