Monday, April 4, 2011

The Prescription Refill Battle

Calling in for a prescription refill should be as easy as pie. Right? Well… apparently not. I really feel for people who have to call in for refills for opiods and other strong drugs. Learned the challenging way how some of my medications my pharmacy will not refill if called in correctly but are not approved for pediatric use (insurance company too.)

Saturday night I ran out of Peroxicam. It is used for treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms/pain. The dosage I am on (20 mg) is twice as high as is approved for a pediatric patient. So my insurance company flagged it and refused to cover it. Of course I did not know they would do that when I called in my prescription to the little automated voice thingy. I just did as it told me “press one and enter prescription number.”

Mom then ran to the pharmacy on Sunday morning to pick it up. That’s when she found out. So it took an hour of calling insurance through the pharmacy to get things straight and covered. But it was covered. Plus, the pharmacy only had five pills of Peroxicam in stock. They don’t generally carry the drug and even less at the 20 mg dose. So I have a short supply right now for my time at the ocean and hopefully upon return they will have my monthly supply.

I don’t run into this problem with my Hydroxychloroquine. We always order it by mail. Sometimes it is harder to get the meds one needs than it should be. But now I am aware of the roadblocks for the future!


  1. been there, done that. I could go on and on with my prescription refill stories. you should try changing insurance coverage. talk about challenges! I'm still battling billing errors from last June on bloodwork!!!

  2. Generally our insurance is pretty good about things but sometimes red flags do pop up. Billing errors :/ EW.