Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Fun!

Long time no read! I know, I know… I’ve been slacking but I have been getting good grades. So hopefully that counts for something. Also, today marks the one year anniversary of my blog. In honor of this marvelous occasion, I had half a scoop of strawberry ice cream and some almost expired cool whip. I know, I party so hard (dripping with sarcasm.)

Good ole Lupus and I have been up to no good as usual. Fall is setting in and Lupus is acting like “the Joker” from Batman. I swear when I get up all stiff and achy in the morning Lupus is saying “why so serious?” In a lot of ways, Lupus is “the Joker.” It just does what it does because it can with no solid reasoning. Even with the best drugs, doctors and research it still feels no fear.

This Saturday I did the “Mad Hatter Lupus Walk” for the second time. Overall this year was far more of a success than the year prior. With the help from many people and supportive team mates, I was able to raise $635 for The Lupus Foundation of America. Thank you to all who walked and supported me. It really meant the world to me. Taking time out of your life (especially on a chilly Saturday morning) to come and walk three miles in support of those who fight against Lupus is truly moving to me. To top it off, doing it with a smile and a crazy hat! Can’t wait for next year! Plus I finally met a person I have waited a whole year to meet. That in and of it’s self was amazing.

College is going well. My spoons to study ratio isn’t always what it should be but life isn’t perfect. Psychology is a very hard class. Though I am doing pretty well in it. One of the hardest parts about going to college and having Lupus is all the writing/lighting/hard plastic chairs. I have a good note taker but I still come home with very upset hands. By the time Thursday rolls around, I generally do not dare to even think of holding a pen. Plastic chairs are very hard and are far from comfy. ‘Body is screaming just thinking about it. Lighting… well lupus + college lighting = not compatible. But I soldier on because I love learning. My classmates have witnessed a “I don’t give a care my hair isn’t brushed, I’m in my PJ’s and yes… those really are my feet” days. Those who I do not scare off are few but honestly I don’t blame my scared classmates. How sane can a person be who drives a polka dotted car?

Sorry this is short… running out of spoons.

Hope all is going well. Many spoons!

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