Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Small Update

So the month of March has just flown by me! I have had some major doctor appointments in this month and I just want to drop a small update about how I am doing.

I’ll start with a synopsis of my March the 16th appointment at Children’s. First and foremost I am turning the “magic 18” so I am out growing Children’s system. Sad day! I have been referred up to the U.W. They did some lab work and reviewed my meds. Also discussed college and disability. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be 17 and disabled.

Now… for de piece of de resistance! Today’s appointment synopsis.

Went over blood work with my GP. Now… I don’t know about you, but when you see your blood work and it looks something like an equation with lots of +/-‘s in it. You know something is up. Ana was so high, it was stated as this: ANA POS <5,000. Then all of my lupus/rhuemetoid/yadda whoopee dee doo panels all came back elevated and/or positive. How I managed this, I do not know. White blood count is still fairly low. GP gave me a look that went something like this: …. -__- …. Good times, good times. Good news is none of my organs are baking. Kidneys are coming back as fine and my liver is at high normal function. Small steps right?

Also he gladly composed several letters and assorted disability papers for my college adventure. Makes life easier when dealing with teachers (due dates, tests, etc) and the student disability office at the college.

He agreed with me he would like to see it better managed (as my hands and feet were pleasantly swollen…) and he knows this is out of his league. U.W. rhuemtology I am coming, so watch out! Other than an on going flare kicking my sorry little buttness… life has been good.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Lately I have been recieving a bucket load of questions about college. For example "what are you planning on doing/going" or "are you going out of state?" Very innocent simple annoying questions every single senior is asked. I know I'm not alone on it.

But sometimes it is frustrating to me to have to answer questions about the future. Since lupus puts a damper on my studies, I generally lie through my teeth about college. Fact is I won't be able to handle a full course load or finish at the same as others. I will be living at home. The ability for me to go out of state for school at this point is non-existant.

Next year I will be attending a local community college. No thrills or frills. Taking it easy and slowly but surely working towards independence.

Getting in two years of normal base classes will probably take me four. So for whatever amount of time it would take a normal healthy person, it will take me twice as long.

I am looking forward to next year but there is a long road ahead.