Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wet Nose

Admittedly I have neglected my blog for well over a month now and while not much has changed with my daily battle with Lupus, things haven't exactly been dull either.  Doctors can make it sound like drug side effects are so simple and easily managed.  I am here to argue differently as this is my sixth week of tossing my cookies from Methotrexate and am now under the 120 pound mark.  The nausea follows me for about two days after treatment, the fatigue about the same and I won't even begin to dive into the stomach upset.  When I haven't been drugged I have actually been quite active and enjoying myself.  Though psychologically I have been a mess.  What has really been helping me to get through things is my four legged companion Lily.    When faced with so much criticism and biased challenges in both dealing with chronic illness and life it is nice to have a friend whose wet nose wakes me up by touching my feet in the morning.  

Lily has been keeping me quite occupied as we are taking competition obedience classes at a local training center.  Having this shared time and goals to work towards has kept me quite motivated.  She just loves me because I'm me and that is something people with chronic illness (or just in general) need.  There are so many that don't understand, don't want to understand and don't have to understand... animals sense our energy and respond to it.  Lily is currently flaking out with me as I type this.  She doesn't know why I am feeling so sick right now but she does know that every time she licks my face I laugh.  

I am in control of all of Lily's immediate needs.  Taking care of her helps me to take care of myself.  No she doesn't write lists on the white board for me or nag me to do my laundry.  However if I hear a bell ring, I had better get up and open the door outside or else there will be a puddle.  In dealing with illness a pet can provide a type of comfort no human ever could.  It isn't in touch or verbal communication, it is this unified feeling of love that comes from the desire to just exist together.  

I'm sorry to make this post so short but it is my "cocktail" night and I am commuting rather frequently to the throne.  Bananas are not half bad the second time around.  

Team "Lupus Sucks" is up and open for registration.  Please come and join me in the walk to solve this cruel mystery.  Lily and I will be there.      

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